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my laptop is going to power
down if there's anything going on
call me.


Sep. 15th, 2002 11:06 am
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I lost my Odin-scorched atm card! (already called).
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Here goes, disjoint:
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on signals.

Sep. 4th, 2002 03:09 pm
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With image, behind a lj-cut tag

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Since the beginning of July, I've been recording what I eat, and my weight.

(yes, Jenny, there should be error bars. (for +/- 0.5lb)

Here's a graph:

I don't intent to go to Susan's extremes. My goal is litheness.

(the x-axis is days, 0 represents July 3, and the y-axis is in pounds)


Aug. 7th, 2002 07:32 pm
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My neck still hurts from Sunday. My right foot feels like it should be cracked, as do both of my wrists).
I think I shall sleep now. Sleep, now.


Aug. 5th, 2002 06:56 am
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After some digging on usenet, I bought myself this peppermill, as opposed
to the blatantly phallic peppermill

Oh, and if you know anyone needing housing in Cambridge, send them my way.
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i slept at the wrong angle last night. it took twenty minutes to
whack my neck out of alignment and it's been hurting all night.
Fortunately I've not been moving it that much. Assuming that
I don't sleep awkwardly today, it should be healed by tomorrow evening.

I'm deprocrastinating! Applying for jobs hither and thither (well, more
hither than thither -- if I can get something in Cambridge, I will).


Jul. 4th, 2002 06:06 pm
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origin is down. I should really get my mail delivered somewhere sane.


Jul. 2nd, 2002 07:58 am
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Bad vibe last night. Oddly ubiquitous.. Kpn Q is going *thud*.
This vibe became lost in a maze of tired people (well, there were only two of

My brain says: 'time to eat less'. My body doesn't notice. As long as the glucose
flow to Brain is above some undetermined threshold, Body ain't not don't know
what's going on. (The previous sentence was brought to you by the H. Crenshaw
Theoretickle Double Negatives Research Projeckte)
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I find the so called next generation, web appliance cell phones to be functionally overloaded
pieces of crap. I just want a cell phone that: 1. has a high contrast screen. 2. can send and recieve
short messages. 3. is sturdy and well built, and 4 has ir / possibly has bluetooth. I don't want
one of these new fangled zillion color java beasties. Has anyone at all had a good experience with their
cell phone / overlap with most of the above areas of functionality?
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> Someone at work told me I could download additional
> memory for free from the Internet.  Would you know
> a site from which I can do that?
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Galeon renders the smily in this, as
an image. Maybe it's really mozilla, but it's still
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ugh. okay, so I'm slightly better than I was two days ago. I still feel highly unwell.
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Went to mgh earlier: fever, swollen tonsils, vague feeling of internal strife. And I all I get is 10 days of amoxicilin and a (call back monday for the test results.).

Fucking epidemiologically clueless people.

And, I have to work first shift tomorrow, and third shift on Sunday. glah (no medical approval for time off)
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something sysadminnish. witth a small user base. AND NO bloody customers (who know whose)]
preferably during the day. preferably well paying.

ugh, I'm going to be sick of this place any second now.
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(and I'm feeling the Saturday night drag).
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I'm going to be out of touch for a while. If something social happens after 5pm, ring me or email
my phone at "ph AT aihea.net"

We'll have networking next week by hook or by crook.
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